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2020 Dessert Competitor


Tantasqua Regional High School is a vibrant learning community seeking to inspire and prepare every student to achieve academic, social, and civic excellence. We provide students of diverse interests, abilities and goals with a variety of meaningful and challenging pathways for achievement in a safe and healthy environment. As a learning community, we value:

Communication - Students will learn to interpret, evaluate, and synthesize information, communicate effectively through oral, verbal, nonverbal, and artistic forms, utilize media and technology appropriately to both gather and share information

Responsibility - Students will contribute responsibly and respectfully to their community, accept accountability for successes and failures,make decisions in an honest, ethical, and respectful manner, display tolerance and understanding in our multi-cultural world

Education - Tantasqua will engage students with educational pathways and choices consistent with their interests, abilities, and goals, offer a challenging, well-rounded education, which reflects state and national standards and skills consistent with demands of the 21st century, establish a learning environment that promotes collaboration, foster the skills necessary to identify, define, and solve complex problems, communicate ideas through effective inquiry, writing, speaking, and calculation, provide opportunities to understand and appreciate other nations and cultures

"Thank you so very much again for your sincere generosity. Our students enjoyed the whole experience very much! We had some students work with chefs, which was a very positive experience for both student, and chef. I have students who arrived at school today wearing their Worcester’s Best Chef participant name tags, as well as the nice medals you gave them because they feel so proud of having been a part of your event; most priceless indeed! You, and your team are incredible!"

Louis Lariviere, Culinary Arts, Tantasqua Regional High School

"I cannot thank you enough for your generosity to our school, but more importantly for the opportunity for my students to be part of such a great event…The students were beaming this morning as they came in with their medals…They were talking to their friends about everything they did and the chefs they met…You are an amazing person that has truly made a difference to our program and my students. Thank you!!!!"

Mark A. Wood Principal-Director Tantasqua Regional High School/Technical Division

"I want to thank you for all you do for our students and in support of the Cornerstone Café. I had the opportunity to bring 2 Hospitality students with us to Worcester's Best Chef this year and they had a terrific time. They were proud to be of assistance, had fun meeting new people and serving our dessert to guests. It is great for students to see the opportunities and professional camaraderie at this level. I look forward to next year's event and our continued partnership. Please pass my thanks on to all involved!" 

Julieanne M. Gamache, Hospitality Mgmt. Instructor, Tantasqua Regional Technical High School


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