2019 Floor Plan

Map Only-01.png

Washburn Hall (Downstairs) 

1. Chef Jared Forman, Simgjang, Worcester
3. Chef Michael Arrastia, Hangover Pub & Broth, Worcester 
5. Chef Jon Paradise, The Beechwood Hotel, Worcester
6. Chef Kenny Smith, Volturno, Worcester
7. Chef Donnie Altiery Jr., 44 Catering, Charlton
9. Chef Kim Haslam, Maddi's Cookery & Taphouse, Worcester
10. Chef Robin Clark, Deadhorse Hill, Worcester
11. Chef Tomasso Trattoria & Enoteca, Southboro

The Great Hall (Upstairs)

13. Chef Candy Murphy, Figs & Pigs, Worcester
15. Chef Shane Anderson, Eller's Restaurant, Cherry Valley 
17. Chef Josh Brown, Prezo Grille & Bar, Milford 
18. Chef Rick Araujo, Civic Kitchen & Drink, Westboro
19. Chef Brian Treitman, BT's Smokehouse, Sturbridge
21. Chef Bill Bourbeau, The Boynton Restaurant, Worcester
22. Chef Kris Sellers, Five Loaves Bakery & Cafe, Spencer
23. Chef Ken O'Keefe, The Publick House, Sturbridge 
24. Chef Chris O'Harra, The Flying Rhino Cafe, Worcester
26. Chef Buddy Bartlett, Depot Street Tavern, Milford
27. Chef John "JB" Pollard, Amaia Martini Bar, Hudson

The Great Hall- Desserts

29. Tantasqua Students, Tantasqua Regional High School, Sturbridge
30. Central Massachusetts Collaborative Students, Central Massachusetts Collaborative, Worcester
31. Bay Path Students, Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School, Charlton