Michael Winslett

Samuel Slater's Restaurant

2019 Competitor

Born in Houston, Texas, for Michael, it all started at the age of 13 years old when his father bought a bakery/kosher deli. The gratification from seeing people buy what he baked is what inspired Michael to become a chef. At 16 years old, Michael landed a job at a well-known chain restaurant. After learning that the corporate world wasn’t his cup of tea, he explored his newfound passion and creativity in hotel kitchens. He was able to quickly advance and become the head chef of a Crown Plaza in Austin, Texas at the age of 21.

Migrating north years later, Michael found working at the Harvest in Pomfret, CT was a turning point for him. He learned that with food you have to set a standard and never accept anything less. At the Ceres Bistro inside the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, MA, Michael came to realize the importance of both the front and back of the house concepts in the overall guest experience. Fast forward to present day, and here is Michael with Samuel Slater’s Restaurant at Indian Ranch. Michael was a part of the Samuel Slater’s project from the very beginning and his vision is critical for what the restaurant has become.